WizARds - Brumhack 2017

WizARds - Brumhack 2017



Pun very much intended. WizARds is an AR card game created at Brumhack in 2017.

Players would print a deck of cards, which would then anchor 3D characters and clickable attack actions in augmented reality, displayed on a monitor for that real E-sports vibe.


🤷 Why I Made It

AR was just recently starting to take off, while primarily in industrial fields, as a gamedev at heart I wanted to work a small interactive demo to relive the dreams of my 13-year-old self playing YuGiOh/Pokémon (though I never really knew what I was doing with Pokémon... did anyone?)

⚙️ How I Made It

  • AR supported by Vuforia's SDK which worked by uploading images to the cloud to act as labelled triggers. (though, these days I'd opt for an ARCore/ARKit implementation)
  • Based on Unity's engine, super easy to implement game logic/systems such as rigging and word-space UI.
  • 3 awesome teammates ❤️

⚔️ Challenges

Tracking Consistancy
Player Definition

📕 What I Learned

  • Image complexity plays a significant role in creating a smooth experience with image tracking. This learning has been reinforced multiple times over across other projects!
  • Learning and implementing an AR Framework in 24 hours is very hectic but very fun

👉 Check it Out!

Yeah... I don't have the repo to this anymore :( sorry! But I hope you enjoy the gif! Here's a pic of us presenting though:


👀 And us winning (ft. sick Microsoft hoodie),