🥑 Liam Sorta

🥑 Liam Sorta

Hey! I'm Liam, I like to learn, build, and teach. Tokyo 🇯🇵

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About this website

Hello! As you guessed from my very cool domain name, I am Liam. This site is a living page that I make various live edits to, thus is a bit of a mixed bag of content and professional info!

If you’re just here to stalk me,

has all the details you’re probably looking for.

Otherwise, here are some FAQs!


💼 What am I doing now?

I’m running a studio called Acureus with some awesome people! Check out what we’re up to over here: https://twitter.com/AcureusDev (if you read this, you gotta follow the account, it’s the rules)

👔 Are you open to new work?

No sorry!

🤔 I need help with a thing

Check out our community, GameDevNetwork We have channels for career advice, professional advice (art, code, sound, design, etc), team building, and a bunch more!

If something specific isn’t covered here, feel free to drop me a DM and I’ll help out best I can.

Free Services

If you’re new to the games/tech industry, I have a few free services! I can’t guarantee a quick turnaround for any of these offerings, but I’ll do my best to get to them asap!

These services are not available to anyone working in or with blockchain/NFT/web3.

👀 Like This Notion Site?

After a bunch of positive feedback, I've decided to release my website as a template for others to use! Check out the links below to get this notion-based personal website for yourself ⬇️