Productivity Workflow 2021

Productivity Workflow 2021

Just for Fun

Productivity Workflow 2021

Getting Things Done (GTD)

GTD Information

Getting Things Done (Kindle Link) Method:

  • Capture: Note stuff down, always
  • Clarify: Refine useful stuff you captured, is it a task? break down + make it actionable
  • Organise: Put it in the right place, schedule time, add dates/deadlines if actionable
  • Reflect: Dispose of any crap, make sure things are up to date, further refine your notes
  • Engage: Do the actual stuff, don't get caught in convoluting your workflow

Time Blocking

Time blocking Info
  • Blocking out a dedicated time to work on a specific task

2-Minute Rule

  • If a task arises that will take less than 2 minutes to complete, do it now
Notion Notes
  • Often coined as a "human operating system"
  • We often hold too much information at one time, training to capture more often
  • Hierarchy structure through pages
  • Key features: Databases, embeds, publish to web, todo lists, calendars
  • My personal homepage:

My Key Use-cases

  • Directory - "little black book" equivilant. Freelancers, agencies, good industry contacts, etc
  • Digital Archiving - Sets of basic databases with tagged entries that link to digital scans of paperwork.
  • Finances - Embed of a google spreadsheet that details regular cashflow
  • Travel - Itineraties, flight/hotel booking refs, guides, recommendations from friends
  • Health - Notes from every consultation, trackers on any "active" investigations, etc
  • Book Notes - Lots of good frameworks for book notes, main focus is on chapter breakdowns, with higher-level analysis after finishing

Live Samples

🏡Personal Home📎Digital Archiving

Video - Creative Workflow with Notion

Recommended for exploring some of Notions features used in practical application

Todoist Notes
  • Basically a fancy to-do list
  • Works with Alexa/Siri
  • Two-way calendar sync
  • Tagging/Reminders
  • Kanban-style project boards (also offered by Notion)

3) TaskLayout -

Windows only

TaskLayout Notes
  • Saves window layouts that can be restored with a hotkey
  • Multi-Monitor support
  • Create dedicated desktop environments for different tasks
My Setups
  • 1) General productivity - opens Todoist + Notion as a split view on my right monitor, clears main monitor for actual work
  • 2) Mystery Side Project - opens Todoist/Notion (shared tab) + Analytics page as split view on my right monitor, source code + chat for project on left monitor
  • 3) Wasteman - Youtube/Twitter split view on main screen, Discord/Spotify on right monitor

Bonus: Christmas Dinner

Xmas Dinner 2020 Game Plan

Hell yeah I made a spreadsheet for making dinner.